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Visitor Policies

Please help us maintain a safe environment for museum visitors and the art. For more information, please read our full visitor conduct policy. Enjoy your visit!

While at the Museum

  • Some things in the museum are interactive, but some things are not. Please don’t touch objects or display cases unless otherwise indicated. Also, please stay at least 18 inches away from all objects and avoid leaning on display cases.
  • Enjoy food and beverages in dining areas only.
  • Umbrellas, briefcases, backpacks, and bags over 14 by 17 by 8 inches can damage artworks and specimens. Please check them in lockers.*
  • Baby carriers must be worn facing front. Backpack-style carriers may be checked at admission desks. We are happy to loan strollers during your visit.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by adults. Please don’t let children under the age of 12 push strollers or wheelchairs.
  • Children may not be carried on shoulders or held over objects and displays.
  • Have fun, but don’t run, push, or shove.
  • Security officers reserve the right to inspect all bags, boxes, or packages upon entry and exit.
  • No weapons, firearms, or hazardous materials are permitted on museum property.
  • City ordinance prohibits smoking, including vapor devices, inside the museum and within 5 feet of entrances.

* Oversized objects may be checked at admission desks, but museum staff are not responsible for their safety. All items are subject to inspection, and the museum reserves the right to decide what should be checked. Nothing is permitted to be carried on one’s back, including backpacks, drawstring bags, and purses.

Visitor Photography, Videotaping, and Drawing in the Galleries

We encourage visitors to capture and share still photography for personal, noncommercial use. Only handheld cameras with attached standard flash equipment are allowed. No auxiliary flash, lighting equipment, tripods, or selfie sticks are permitted. Handheld video cameras are permitted in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History only.

Please be aware that some special exhibitions, galleries, and individual artworks may have restrictions on photography due to loan and copyright requirements. Refer to the floor plan for galleries and exhibitions in which photography is not permitted; individual artworks with photography restrictions are marked by a symbol on the label.

Please be respectful of other visitors while taking photographs. Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History are not responsible for any uses of visitor photography that infringe upon third-party copyrights.

Share Your Images with Us!

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Drawing in the Galleries

We encourage artists to take inspiration from the works on view in our galleries and spaces. Only pencils and paper are permitted in the galleries; please do not bring pens, paints, or inks.


Journalists requesting images to accompany media coverage of museum exhibitions, installations, or events may email the Press Room at press@cmoa.org.

More information for journalists is available from the Press Room.

Image Reproductions & Use

For information on requesting image rights and digital files for publication and other commercial uses, or to order your own prints of works in Carnegie Museum of Art’s collection, visit Rights & Reproductions.

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