Adult wearing colorful face covering sitting in the museum galleries with child on lap and young person standing near by

Photo: Bryan Conley

Gallery Guide

Designed to guide you through both Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History, the Gallery Guide offers engaging multimedia content and a behind-the-scenes view of art and specimens. Pick up an iPod with the free Gallery Guide app at admissions or Download our app on the App Store to your own device. To access the guide on any device, including Android, visit the Gallery Guide website (external link).

Using the Gallery Guide you can:

  • View exclusive audio and video interviews with curators, scientists, and persons of interest
  • Access in-depth information about people, exhibitions, specimens, and objects on view
  • Wind your way through the galleries and halls in new and interesting ways via thematic tours
  • Watch Museum Videos, an in-app video channel that showcases behind-the-scenes process and museum documentaries
  • Connect and share your experience with your online friends and social networks