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School Group Workshops

School groups discuss works of art and experiment with materials to support discussions in the galleries with museum educators.

Workshop Fees

90 Minutes 2 Hours
Student $11 $12

Admission is free for the required chaperone (1) for every 10 students. All materials are included. Program fees include day-long admission to both Carnegie Museum of Art and Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Schools may qualify for funding to cover both admissions and transportation costs. Apply for a school group visit scholarship when reserving your group visit.

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Workshop Topics

Artists’ Choices: The Creative Process

Consider a selection of objects in the galleries, experiment with a variety of materials in a sketchbook, and make observations about the impact of artists’ choices on the work’s effect and possible interpretations. This tour is ideal for the first time art museum visitor who wants to have a hands-on experience, but also is a great way to see a range of the collection with any group!


Architects design our everyday environments, affecting how we live, work, and play. Now students can think like an architect in a new guided gallery workshop. In this 2-hour-only program, students will learn about design choices architects make by exploring the museum’s Halls of Architecture & Sculpture, Heinz Architectural Center, and other engaging spaces around the museum.

Art in 3-Dimensions

Three-dimensional objects relate to the human body and experience. Discover different ways sculptures and installations interact with space, and experiment with processes artists use to create three-dimensional objects. Students will discuss and interpret a range of sculptures, from classical figures to abstract forms.

Connections between Art & Math

Discover relationships between art and mathematics while analyzing the use of various strategies used by artists and designers, including composition, proportion, and scale. Discussions and related art-making activities focus on a variety of objects including paintings, figurative sculpture, architecture, and decorative arts objects.

Impressionism: Exploring Color and Mark Making

The Impressionists experimented with color, techniques, and composition to capture observations of daily experiences in ways that broke with tradition and conveyed modern life. Analyze the technical innovations of Impressionists’ paintings and experiment with materials in response to their work in the galleries.

Reserve Your Visit

To reserve a student group workshop, please…

1. Request your workshop at least four weeks prior to your intended visit date. Please be ready with the following information:

  • Select date preferences and alternatives
  • Choose a workshop topic
  • Choose arrival and departure times
  • Detail group size and grade level
  • Detail lunchroom requests

2. You will receive confirmation and payment information by email. Final attendance numbers and payment are due one week in advance of your scheduled visit. A $15 late fee will apply to all payments received after this deadline.

3. A museum educator will contact you to finalize program content. Your prompt response is necessary.

Request Your Student Group Visit

Questions? Call the Group Visits Coordinator at 412.622.3289, or email