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School Group Tours

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School groups participate in an inquiry-based dialogue about thematic groups of artworks with museum educators. Topics may include writing exercises.

Tour Fees 75 Minutes 90 Minutes
Student $9 $10

Admission is free for the required chaperone (1) for every 10 students. All materials are included. Program fees include day-long admission to both Carnegie Museum of Art and Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Schools or universities may qualify for funding to cover both admissions and transportation costs. Apply for a school group scholarship when reserving your group visit.

Review Tour Topics

Looking and Learning

This tour is ideal for the first time art museum visitor, but also is a great way to see a range of the collection with any group! This tour engages students in careful observation, discussion, and interpretation of objects from a variety of time periods and parts of the world. Students strengthen critical thinking skills by learning to articulate their ideas about what they see and share those insights with classmates. Looking and Learning may be customized to meet your curriculum goals.

Crossroads: 1945–Now

Students investigate and analyze art from the 20th–21st century, a period that witnessed World Wars, advances in technology, and an explosion of new media. Investigate the role of artists and practice aesthetic and critical response through discussions about the intersection of art and experiences of contemporary life.

Looking to Write

Make thoughtful observations and interpretations through engaging writing activities. A variety of writing prompts are a fun way for students to explore objects from different time periods and cultures while making connections to curricular objectives, and to think creatively. (Poetry connections may be made if requested in advance.) Grades 3 and up; 90-minute tour recommended.

Art Inspires Narrative Writing

Find a cure for writer’s block! Discuss and write about works of art to identify and analyze depictions of character, setting, theme, and plot. Writing prompts allow students to practice developing their own narratives as a framework for original writing back in the classroom.

Impressionism: An Artistic Revolution

Consider works by major Impressionist painters to discover why their innovative subjects and techniques captured personal experiences of the late-19th-century’s social, scientific, and industrial revolutions. (This tour is also fitting for French-language classes.)

Athena to Zeus: Mythology in Ancient Greek and Roman Art

Engage with examples of paintings, sculptures, and architecture from antiquity to the present that represent mythological stories and figures from the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. Learn the importance of mythology in the ancient world and how it has helped to explain life experiences for humans throughout history. Grades 3 and up.

Uncovering the Ancient World

This tour examines everyday life in ancient times by exploring works of art and architecture. Students engage with the Greek and Roman casts in the Hall of Architecture and the Hall of Sculpture to discover how a shared language, religion, and culture affected the lives of Greek and Roman people. Students will trace the lasting impact of Greek and Roman culture on Western Civilization and find connections in the Scaife Galleries. Grades 4 and up.

European Art & Culture

Paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts spanning ten centuries of European history offer many curricular connections. Discover the evolution of art and how changing lifestyles, politics, and belief systems find expression in new artistic subjects, styles, and techniques. Spanish, German, Italian, or French focus may be requested depending on the collection options on view. Grades 3 and up.

American Art & Culture

Explore the paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts of American artists from 18th century artworks highlighting the founding ideals of the United States, to 21st century art installations addressing the global issues that impact us today. A focus on regional art and artists may be requested depending on the collection options on view. Grades 3 and up.

Reserve Your Visit

To reserve a school group visit, please…

1. Request your visit at least four weeks prior to your intended visit date. Be ready with the following information:

  • Select date preferences and alternatives
  • Choose a tour topic
  • Choose arrival and departure times
  • Detail group size and grade level
  • Detail lunchroom requests

2. You will receive confirmation and payment information by email. Final attendance numbers and payment are due one week in advance of your scheduled visit. A $15 late fee will apply to all payments received after this deadline.

3. A museum educator will contact you to finalize program content. Your prompt response is necessary.

Request Your School Group Visit

Questions? Call the Group Visits Coordinator at 412.622.3289, or email