Young family walks through the Hall of Sculpture with large white columns and classical marble statues

Photo: Bryan Conley

Your Health & Safety

Before your visit, please purchase a timed ticket and read on so that you are prepared to enjoy a safe visit to the museum.

  All Visitors Must Reserve a Timed Ticket

For your safety and comfort, we’re limiting admissions to our museums through timed ticketing so that the number of visitors will never exceed 25% of building capacity at any given time. Members must also reserve their free timed tickets in advance.

  We’re All Wearing Masks

For your safety and the safety of those around you, all visitors age 3 years and over are required to wear masks over the nose and mouth. All museum staff and volunteers will be wearing masks, too. Let’s all follow this important CDC Guideline to protect ourselves and each other. If you can’t wear a mask due to a medical condition, please see a visitor services representative at the museum admissions desk.

Please note: We reserve the right to require that visitors who do not follow posted safety guidelines or instructions from our staff will be asked to leave the premises. Failure to comply with this policy or rude or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Please see our Visitor Conduct Policy for more information.

  Let’s Maintain a Safe Distance

When you visit the museum, you’ll see signs reminding you to maintain a safe social distance. Please follow these and other directional signs and remember to give everyone enough space—at least six feet between your group and others around you!

  Keep Your Hands Clean

Please plan to wash your hands often and make good use of the many hand-sanitizer dispensers that you’ll find throughout our museum spaces. We are regularly disinfecting common touch points and using enhancing cleaning procedures throughout our facilities.

  Designated Hours for High-Risk Visitors

If you consider yourself high-risk due to age (65+) or a medical condition, we have designated a time for you to visit: Wednesdays, 10 a.m.-noon.

  Air Quality

Carnegie Museum of Art has always been concerned about the air quality in our galleries for guest comfort and the care of our collections and exhibits. The quality of the air circulating in our facilities is even more important during the current pandemic. One of the facilities team’s top priorities is to monitor all HVAC systems, regularly checking all air filters in our buildings to ensure they are functioning correctly. Our facilities team has also increased the amount of outdoor air introduced into all ventilated areas by up to 15%, which further improves ventilation in our office and gallery spaces. The exceptions are certain climate-controlled art galleries and collection-storage areas. We are also periodically spraying air filters with an anti-microbial viricide to ensure that circulated air in our buildings is sanitized before it is blown into office and non-art gallery spaces.

Watch Art Cat and Dippy explain the museum health procedures.