Gallery view with a jagged bronze sculpture in foreground, and an artwork made of a ring of doors joined together in background

Installation view, Crossroads, Photo: Bryan Conley

Tour Tuesday

Take a tour of an exhibition, gallery, or moment in time with us.

In Sharp Focus: Charles “Teenie” Harris – Digital Tour

In Sharp Focus: Charles “Teenie” Harris

Enjoy a personal tour of our new Teenie Harris gallery, which opened in January, given by Teenie Harris Archive specialist Charlene Foggie-Barnett.

Drinking fountain turned upside down and painted with bright blotches of color

Free Radicals and Artists’ Role in Society

In this tour, explore the Free Radicals gallery in Crossroads: Carnegie Museum of Art’s Collection, 1945–Now, which features artworks that speak to the role of the artist as a responsive, even agitating force in contemporary life.

A black and white photo of the corner of a building with a roof held up by columns; a wide landscape with trees in the distance is beyond the open porch

An-My Lê’s Viêt Nam

Discover the story behind the first series in An-My Lê: On Contested Terrain, Viêt Nam.

An older man with short, grey hair and a goatee looks knowingly at the viewer; he wears a white ruff collar and dark jacket and holds a red fish in one hand

Exploring Highlights from Created, Collected, Conserved

Explore highlights from our exhibition Created, Collected, Conserved, which presents paintings from the famous Northbrook Collection and tells the story of their provenance.

A silver oval sits atop a cylindrical base

Works Made with New Materials

Discover fascinating objects from our collection that were created through innovative techniques and new technologies.

An abstract, textured, dark metal sculpture made of thin, angled arms

Post-War Artists Find A New Horizon

The gallery A New Horizon in Crossroads features works by artists who experimented with new techniques and styles in the post-war era.

An abstract sculpture features three marble pillars with carved wooden branches extending from the tops of the pillars.

Exploring and Finding Inspiration in A Pittsburgh Anthology

Peruse artworks that tell the story of creativity in Pittsburgh, both past and present.

A painting showing a close view of a long, narrow face with large eyes and nose against an abstract geometric background in different shades of blue and green

Art Owned by Artists

Many artists also collect works by other artists. These collections can offer insights into their persona, aesthetics, and influences. Discover some examples of these artists in our collection!

Six thin vertical lines and sixty-four horizontal lines evenly spaced on an off-white canvas

Artists at Home

Find inspiration in these artists, whose practices thrived in isolation, featured themes of loneliness in art, or worked from their homes.

A textured sculpture that appears to be a sandwich on white bread, sliced diagonally

Breads of the Collection

Whether you’re mashing bananas for homemade banana bread, cultivating a sourdough starter, or supporting your local neighborhood bakery, this week’s tour is carb-loaded with bread.