Gallery view with a jagged bronze sculpture in foreground, and an artwork made of a ring of doors joined together in background

Installation view, Crossroads, Photo: Bryan Conley

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Exploring Highlights from Created, Collected, Conserved

Explore highlights from our exhibition Created, Collected, Conserved, which presents paintings from the famous Northbrook Collection and tells the story of their provenance.

Works Made with New Materials

Discover fascinating objects from our collection that were created through innovative techniques and new technologies.

Post-War Artists Find A New Horizon

The gallery A New Horizon in Crossroads features works by artists who experimented with new techniques and styles in the post-war era.

Exploring and Finding Inspiration in A Pittsburgh Anthology

Peruse artworks that tell the story of creativity in Pittsburgh, both past and present.

Art Owned by Artists

Many artists also collect works by other artists. These collections can offer insights into their persona, aesthetics, and influences. Discover some examples of these artists in our collection!