Photo Essay: Exploring Pittsburgh through the Lens of Jake Reinhart

A hazy twilight scene of a dark lake ringed by land with small lights under a darkening sky
From the series Homespun by Jake Reinhart

It’s Saturday, which means we’re sharing an essay from our online journal, Storyboard. Today’s hits close to CMOA’s home—our beloved town of Pittsburgh.

My goal is to provide an honest depiction of the physical and cultural character of Pittsburgh—shining a light on the perseverance of the city’s people, and chipping away at its stereotypes.

Jake Reinhart, René Magritte’s Le coeur du monde (The Heart of the World)

In his series Homespun, photographer Reinhart explores the landscape and people of his hometown as it shifted from an industrial city into something new.

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An industrial corridor with a man wearing a uniform and hard hat looking at the viewer
From the series Homespun by Jake Reinhart
A young woman wearing a dark top and shorts stands next to an empty train track surrounded by trees and greenery
From the series Homespun by Jake Reinhart