Meditative Motion with Giacometti’s Walking Man I

Once the object has been constructed, I have a tendency to rediscover in it, transformed and displaced, images, impressions, facts which have deeply moved me (often without my knowing it).

Alberto Giacometti

Today, we’re sharing a guided meditation focused on movement inspired by Alberto Giacometti’s Walking Man I. Follow along with audio or the text below.

A sculpture depicts a man walking with an elongated torso, arms, and legs. His arms are held at his side and he is leaning forward with one foot ahead of the other.
Alberto Giacometti, Walking Man I, 1960, Carnegie Museum of Art

Step-by-Step Walking Meditation

Listen to this guided walking meditation:

  1. Find a place where you have room to move freely.
  2. Observe how the figure is standing and position yourself in a similar way, with the right leg in front.
  3. Notice the sensations in your body in this stance.
  4. Do you sense any tension in your body? Breathe deeply. Slowly release the tension you are holding.
  5. Transform the position by slowly lifting your back leg and taking a step forward, so that you are standing with the opposite leg in front.
  6. Repeat steps 3–5 as you slowly take 10 more mindful steps.