A painting made of different geometric shapes in pastel colors

Ruth Root, Untitled, 2003, Carnegie Museum of Art

Self-Care Sunday

It’s important to slow down and take time for self-care, and art can be the perfect entry to a moment of rest.

A window panel featuring a flowering tree pattern

Light Visualization Meditation

Enjoy this short meditation on light, paired with a delicate Tiffany window panel, which is on view in our Bruce Galleries.

A table set with two bowls of fresh fruit, a cup of tea on a saucer, a square cake topped with sugar, and a large carafe

Stillness Meditation

Encourage calm and clarity with this guided meditation paired with Levi W. Prentice’s Still Life with Strawberries.

Studio image of a glass sculpture that is in the shape of a pear.

Meditation on Form with the Zanfirico Pear by Flora Mace

Follow along with this guided meditation focused on form with this sculpture Zanfirico Pear by Flora Mace.

An image of a glass sculpture.

Color Meditation to Erise II by Pavel Hlava

Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.

Sculpture of dancer at the bottom of her foot

Body Scan Meditation

People call me the painter of dancing girls. It has never occurred to them that my chief interest in dancers lies in rendering movement and painting pretty clothes.

A black and white photo featuring large, snow-capped mountains with a river curving out from the mountains into the foreground

Meditation on Thoughts 

We’ve got a new guided meditation for you! Take time to meditate on your thoughts paired with Ansel Adam’s iconic Tetons and Snake River, on view in Scaife Gallery C!

A small, ornately decorated plate shaped like a shell and a lotus with a raised ring in the center

Breathing Meditation to Shell and Lotus Shaped Mancerina

Take a few minutes for self-care and enjoy this guided breathing meditation paired with Shell and Lotus Shaped Mancerina.

A pastel pond with water lilies and lily pads floating atop it

Meditation on Emotion

Take a moment to meditate on emotion with a beloved artwork from our collection: Claude Monet’s Water Lilies (Nymphéas).

A person wearing a long dress is seated at a piano, they are playing the instrument and singing

Meditation on Sound

Take a few minutes to meditate on sound with Anders L. Zorn’s At the Piano.

A black background with a large red flower and an eye-like center

Focused Looking Meditation

Enjoy this guided meditation paired with Saitô Kiyoshi’s Red Flower.