Loving Kindness Meditation

“I have read that the ancients, when they had produced a sound, used to modulate it, heightening and lowering its pitch without departing from the rules of harmony. So must the artist do in working at the nude.”

Antonio Canova
A painting depicts two women walking together through a hallway wearing dresses and shawls. Another woman can be seen sitting in the background on a bench against a wall and a group of women are sitting near a doorway leading to a porch or entrance where another woman is standing.
John Singer Sargent, Venetian Interior, ca. 1880-1882, Carnegie Museum of Art

Find a quiet moment and manifest loving kindness with this guided meditation on Venetian Interior by John Singer Sargent created by certified yoga instructor Lydia Kilian.

Step-by-Step Meditation

Listen to Loving Kindness Meditation:

  1. Take some time to look at this work.
  2. Notice the details of this sculpture: the folds of the garment worn by the figure, the intricacies in the curls of the hair, and the ornamentation around the lyre.
  3. Consider how the many details of this sculpture come together to create a work of harmony.
  4. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to the sounds around you.
  5. As your awareness focusing on one sound, try to find harmony within yourself and with the sound. Rather than labeling the sound as good or bad, accept it as it is in the moment.
  6. Try not to push any sounds away or cling to others. Let them be and allow yourself to remain harmonious with all that is around you.
  7. Continue like this for a few more moments, moving your attention from one sound to another to build acceptance and mindfulness in the moment.

This work is on view in Scaife Gallery 7