A painting made of different geometric shapes in pastel colors

Ruth Root, Untitled, 2003, Carnegie Museum of Art

Self-Care Sunday

It’s important to slow down and take time for self-care, and art can be the perfect entry to a moment of rest.

Geometric shapes on a solid field of bright color.

Meditation on Shape

Sharpen your attention to detail with a guided mediation on shape using Sarah Charlesworth’s Untitled.

A painting with lose geometric forms and muted hues.

Meditation on Energy

Contemplate the power of artworks with this guided meditation on energy, using Untitled 2 by Brice Marden as inspiration.

A piece of paper charred in the center by a small explosion.

Meditation on Emotions

Bring awareness to yourself and your thoughts with this Meditation on Emotions, using Untitled (Fuse) by Marco Breuer as inspiration.

A painting of a woman standing infant of a full length mirror

Body Scan Meditation

Take a moment and reflect on your physical being with a body scan meditation inspired by The Full-Length Mirror by Pierre Bonnard.

A ;piece of glass with that resembles a chunk of amber

Color Meditation

Find a quiet moment to enjoy this guided color meditation on Untitled (Amber) by Laura de Santillana, on view in the museum lobby.

The white shape of a five-petaled flower set against a dark background.

Visualization Meditation

Take a moment to sharpen your senses with this visualization meditation inspired by flower by Wolfgang Tillmans.

A landscape painting of a peaceful clearing.

Meditation on Spring

Find a quiet place and contemplate the changing of the seasons with the meditation on Spring, inspired by Early Spring near Mantes by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot.

A mid-century style clock and kitchen timer.

Counting Meditation

Enjoy this Counting Mediation inspired by “Measured Time” a clock and kitchen timer by designer Isamu Noguchi.

A black and white photo of the beach.

Meditation on Thoughts

Find a quiet place and enjoy this meditation on thoughts inspired by Seascape of Beach with Waves and Debris on Sand by Charles “Teenie” Harris.

A monochromatic painting of triangles all pointing inwards towards a center point/

Color Meditation

Find a quiet place and enjoy this meditation on color, using Untitled (Red Butterfly Over Green by Mark Grotjahn as inspiration.