Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra performing in Heinz Hall

Courtesy of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Carnegie Museum of Art and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra are partnering in 2021 and 2022 to bring you artworks from the museum’s collection that connect with the sounds of the Pittsburgh Symphony’s 2021/22 season. Below, learn more about these artworks as they relate to the PSO season’s lineup.

To enjoy more of the museum’s vast collection and stay abreast of the latest programs and happenings, visit our collection, Teenie Harris Archive, calendar of events, and new exhibitions. To learn more about the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the 2021-2022 season, visit PittsburghSymphony.org

A field filled with colorful trees

Gustav Klimt and Richard Strauss
Fri., Jan. 14 | Sun., Jan. 16

Vienna was at a cultural zenith in 1900 when artists like Gustav Klimt and Richard Strauss embraced the new artistic radicalism.

An abstract wooden sculpture.

Thaddeus Mosley & Maurice Ravel
Fri, Sept 24 | Sun, Sept 26

A deep interest in jazz connects Pittsburgh-born artist, Thad Mosley, with French composer, Maurice Ravel.

a painting of a farm landscape with at either sunset or dawn

Asher Durand & Felix Mendelssohn
Fri, Oct 8 | Sun, Oct 10

German composer, Felix Mendelssohn, and Hudson River School artist, Asher B. Durand are linked by Romanticism—a 19th century movement that emphasized individuality.

A young woman wearing a black and white dress and cap stands in front of a large tree with twisting branches. She is standing next to a bunch of wheat and holding some in her hands while looking directly at the viewer. The roofs of two houses can be seen in the background.

Edvard Munch & Edvard Grieg
Fri, Oct 22 | Sun, Oct 24

Celebrate two of Norway’s most noted Edvards, composer Grieg and artist Munch, whose creative spirits shaped Norway’s cultural and national identities.

A large drawing of a man wrestling with a minotaur in a surrealistic style

Salvador Dalí & Igor Stravinsky
Fri, Oct 29 | Sun, Oct 31

The Ballets Russes had an extensive and revolutionary history of collaborating with artists and composers including Salvador Dalí and Igor Stravinsky.

An abstract canvas shaped like a torso, painted with shades of red and light blue with swooping black shapes across

Elizabeth Murray & Sergei Prokofiev
Fri, Nov 12 | Sun, Nov 14

Composer, Sergei Prokofiev, and artist, Elizabeth Murray, rewrote history in very different ways.

In a large room, one person is seated, and a child is standing facing them. Both figures are playing violins and a stand with sheet music is set up behind them.

Hedda Sterne & Nicolai Paganini
Fri, Nov 26 | Sun, Nov 28

Carnegie Museum of Art and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra welcome violinist, María Dueñas, to make memories of her first visit to Pittsburgh and to share in the musical memories of artist Hedda Sterne.

An abstract painting with bold swaths of primary colors.

Karel Appel & Vivan Fung
Fri, Dec 3 | Sat, Dec 4 | Sun, Dec 5

Remember what it was like to be a child? To greet each day with boundless energy, new thoughts, and brave ideas? Both composer Vivian Fung and artist Karel Appel found inspiration in the creativity of children.

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