Eduardo Chillida & Joaquin Rodrigo
Fri., Mar. 11 | Sun., Mar. 13

“It is important to hear live music, in concert, which is a source of emotions that a record can never convey.”

Joaquin Rodrigo

Carnegie Museum of Art is delighted to bring you artwork from our collection whose stories and themes connect with the sounds you will hear from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. We hope you enjoy experiencing this work of art alongside the performance.

Two Spanish creatives, artist Eduardo Chillida and composer Joaquin Rodrigo, found inspiration in their beloved Spain. Rodrigo interpreted the sounds of the gardens at the Royal Palace of Aranjuez and Chillida captured the spontaneity of the wind with iron—a material not typically associated with blowing in the breeze. Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Carnegie Museum of Art support Rodrigo’s statement about experiencing live music (and art) whenever possible!

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An abstract, textured, dark metal sculpture made of thin, angled arms
Eduardo Chillida, Aizean (In the Wind), 1958, Carnegie Museum of Art