Andreas Achenbach & Johannes Brahms
Fri., June 3 | Sun., June 5

“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.”

Johannes Brahms

Carnegie Museum of Art is delighted to bring you artwork from our collection whose stories and themes connect with the sounds you will hear from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. We hope you enjoy experiencing this work of art alongside the performance.

Composer Johannes Brahms and painter Andreas Achenbach are connected by German Romanticism—a 19th century intellectual and philosophical approach to creativity which blurred the divisions among literature, music, and the visual arts. Classicism provided the technical underpinnings for both Brahms and Achenbach, but each created emotive and expressive works. Achenbach sought meaning and the divine in the realistically rendered grandeur of nature while Brahms communicated the intensity of the human spirit through sound and song.

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A landscape with trees captured at sunset
Andreas Achenbach, Italian Landscape, 1845, Carnegie Museum of Art