Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra performing in Heinz Hall

Courtesy of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Carnegie Museum of Art and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra are partnering in 2021 and 2022 to bring you artworks from the museum’s collection that connect with the sounds of the Pittsburgh Symphony’s 2021/22 season. Below, learn more about these artworks as they relate to the PSO season’s lineup.

To enjoy more of the museum’s vast collection and stay abreast of the latest programs and happenings, visit our collection, Teenie Harris Archive, calendar of events, and new exhibitions. To learn more about the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the 2021-2022 season, visit PittsburghSymphony.org

A sculpture depicts a human figure made from found objects, with a glass bottle forming the head, doll parts forming the limbs, and adornments made from items including beads, fabric, an electrical outlet, and the framed slave ownership photograph of a woman named Delilah.

Vanessa German & Jessie Montgomery
Fri., June 10 | Sat., June 11 | Sun., June 12

Pittsburgh-based artist Vanessa German and New York-based composer Jessie Montgomery both share the common sentiment that art and music can heal and strengthen communities.

A landscape with trees captured at sunset

Andreas Achenbach & Johannes Brahms
Fri., June 3 | Sun., June 5

Composer Johannes Brahms and painter Andreas Achenbach are connected by German Romanticism—a 19th century intellectual and philosophical approach to creativity which blurred the divisions among literature, music, and the visual arts.

An impressionistic painting depicts a cloudy sky and rolling waves crashing on a beach. A dark sailboat rides the waves in the distance.

Claude Monet & Claude Debussy
Fri., May 20 | Sun., May 22

Writers, musicians, artists, and intellectuals met and mingled in 19th century Paris, including the likes of Claude Debussy and Claude Monet.

One woman sits holding a banjo in her lap while another woman is seated behind her, looking over her shoulder and watching her play.

Mary Cassatt & Dvořák
Fri., May 6 | Sat., May 7 | Sun., May 8

Celebrate the women in your life this Mother’s Day with Pittsburgh-born artist Mary Cassatt.

A landscape painting of a peaceful clearing.

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot & Gustav Mahler
Fri., Apr. 22 | Sun., Apr. 24

The connecting thread between nature and humans is the driving force behind both Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot’s and Gustav Mahler’s works.

A serene face carved into rough block of marble.

Malvina Hoffman & Anton Bruckner
Fri., Mar. 25 | Sat., Mar. 26 | Sun., Mar. 27

Sculptor, Malvina Hoffman, and composer, Anton Bruckner, followed very different religious teachings.

A sculpture made of strips of iron.

Eduardo Chillida & Joaquin Rodrigo
Fri., Mar. 11 | Sun., Mar. 13

Two Spanish creatives, artist Eduardo Chillida and composer Joaquin Rodrigo, found inspiration in their beloved Spain.

a portrait of a lady

Gertrude Käsebier & Reza Vali
Fri., Feb. 11 | Sun., Feb. 13

Worlds collide in Pittsburgh around the complicated and often fraught concept of love – the intricacies of which are weighted by cultural expectations and norms.

Saint Anthony in the center of a very long image, with halo, gesturing to a group of people gathered all around. Their faces register shock

Francisco de Goya & Ludwig van Beethoven
Fri., Jan. 21 | Sun., Jan. 23

Despite not knowing each other, Spanish artist Francisco de Goya and German composer Ludwig van Beethoven were connected by the marvels they created and the challenges they endured in their lives.

Twenty-four panels of reflective bronze featuring a two-dimensional depiction of horses, birds, and male angels circled around a shining sun.

Jean Dunand, Jean Dupas, and Gioachino Rossini
Fri., Feb. 18 | Sun., Feb. 20

The dawn played a significant role in both sight and sound for the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini and Swiss and French designers Jean Dunand and Jean Dupas.

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