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Winter at CMOA

Winter at CMOA brings a season of discovery and renewal. The acclaimed 57th Carnegie International is open until March 25, and is activated every week with live jazz performances, coffee service, and paintings you can bring home. Look forward to visiting International artist lectures, wellness opportunities, a family friendly celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and dinners inspired by art in our FEAST series.

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Martin Luther King Jr. sits at a desk with other people.
Charles “Teenie” Harris, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with Loran Mann, Charles Harris, Matthew Moore, and Tom McGarrity at press conference, University of Pittsburgh, (Detail), 1966, Heinz Family Fund, 2001.35.3168, © Carnegie Museum of Art.

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Chef Keyla Nogueira Cook scraping greens out of a frying pan
Chef Keyla Nogueira Cook prepares food tied to memories of her childhood in Brazil.

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Painting with text that reads "Here We Go Again"
Mel Bochner, Here We Go Again. 2018, oil on velvet, Courtesy the artist and Peter Freeman, Inc., New York/Paris