A few teens participating in an architecture class at the museum

Youth Artist Studio Scholarship

The Carnegie Museum of Art is dedicated to making Youth Artist Studio available to all interested students. Each year generous donors and foundations make scholarships funds available for families with financial need. Don’t let cost be a barrier to participating in the exciting and rewarding experience.

To Apply:

  1. Determine which of our scholarships you are eligible to apply for:
    • 100% scholarships are available for families receiving public benefits from the Department of Human Services, or other forms of state/federal assistance.
    • 75% scholarships are available for families who do not receive public benefits from the Department of Human Services, but still have financial need.
  2. Complete the one-page scholarship application form (PDF)(download).
  3. Complete the Youth Artists Studio registration form (PDF)(download).
  4. If you qualify for a 75% scholarship, enclose payment for the remaining program cost. To calculate the remaining cost owed, multiply the Member price by .25. This is the amount you pay.* Your payment will be used to offset a portion of the total cost.
  5. Send scholarship application with payment (if necessary) to: Program Registration Office
    Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History
    4400 Forbes Avenue. Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Questions? Contact the Program Registration Coordinator at programregistration@carnegiemuseums.org, or call 412.622.3288.