People observing and discussion artwork in a gallery.

Installation view of 20/20: The Studio Museum in Harlem and Carnegie Museum of Art. Photo: Bryan Conley


Project-Based Learning Partnerships

Inquire now about opportunities to develop in-depth Project-Based Learning partnerships for the fall of 2017! Available exhibitions include 20/20: The Studio Museum in Harlem and Carnegie Museum of Art and HACLab Hall of Architecture: Copy + Paste (Coming January 2018!). Please email

For Students

There are two types of school group visits: Guided School Group Tours and Guided School Group Workshops. School visits take place entirely in the museum galleries where students engage with relevant thematic content and build learning skills such as observation, interpretation, and inference-making.

Professional Development

CMOA organizes professional development opportunities for educators throughout the year. Join educators from around the city in programs designed to bolster teaching practices.

Empowered Educators Series: Race, Social Justice, and American Identity
Join educators, artists, field professionals, and museum staff as we deepen our knowledge and understanding of topics critical to our lives as informed citizens. Race and social justice confront us in the news daily. 20/20: The Studio Museum in Harlem and Carnegie Museum of Art offers a metaphoric picture of America by mapping the many ways in which artists respond to the social and political conditions that shape our lives.

Pennsylvania Teachers & Act 48

Pennsylvania teachers are required to accrue 180 hours of professional development every five years. Teachers can earn Act 48 activity hours for participating in Carnegie Museum of Art’s various workshops, classes, lectures, and public programs. Please see individual events for eligibility.