Two performers hold each other, one with head bowed and the other looking over an outstretched arm, next to the words performers at play: senses

Multidisciplinary duo slowdanger. Photo: Audrey Gatewood

Performers at Play

CMOA invites multidisciplinary performance duo slowdanger (external link) and experimental carnival City of Play (external link) to activate the senses through the museum’s first in-gallery performance series. The team of performers will invoke connections for visitors to our collection as well as Access+Ability.

The residency will include workshops, drop-in activities, games, and performances. The schedule will be updated throughout.

Visitors of all abilities are invited to participate in the experiences from June to September.

About the Performers

A multidisciplinary performance entity based in Pittsburgh, slowdanger was co-founded by taylor knight and anna thompson. As multidisciplinary artists, slowdanger fuses sound and movement through improvised contemporary and postmodern dance frameworks. The more we engage in this collaborative work, the more we recognize the manifestation of our work as a non-binary entity that is one body amassed of multiple bodies in space. slowdanger is an organism that uses performance and collaboration to delve into circular life patterning such as effort, transformation, and death. Within this system, we work with an engaged and deepened understanding of energy, synergy, action, gender, time, and storytelling.

Founded in 2009, City of Play has designed and produced over one hundred original, physical games throughout the Pittsburgh region. From teen leadership trainings to massively-multiplayer, immersive events, City of Play continues to investigate the role of play in the lives of adults. The current (2018–2020) season is focusing on reviving the ancient and international traditions of Carnival. Company in residence: Greg Manley, Cynthia Lee, and Connor Sites-Bowen.