Two people look at each other in front of a golden light.

Still from Wu Tsang's film, Duilian, 2016.


CMOA Theater

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A Carnegie International Program

The 2018 International transforms the museum’s theater into a cinematheque. Taking its name from the French, a cinematheque is a small film house or a film library. Libraries open up a world of knowledge to the public, and the International’s Cinematheque likewise brings to Pittsburgh worlds captured by filmmakers near and far.


Each screening is cued to a theme: beauty, politics, children, and sound. Don’t let these words limit your imagination; rather, let them ask what each could possibly encompass.

Beauty, November 10, 2018

There is beauty in being lost in a film: a dreamy, magical, surreal space of vision and sound. Meet beautiful monsters, ghostly apparitions, and historic figures summoned by the imagination of artists.

Beauty Matinee Screening | Beauty Evening Screening

Politics, December 1, 2018

We all practice politics, though we are not all politicians. Politics signifies an active engagement with governance. As observers and creators, artists often reveal the mechanisms of governance—how rules and regulations affect individuals and their everyday, and how we can reinterpret them.

Politics Matinee Screening | Politics Evening Screening

Children, January 26, 2019

Regardless of age, we all have the potential to grow. Childhood is both a topic and a state of mind for this screening. The matinee features Suzie Silver and Hilary Harp’s program of shorts, Fairy Fantastic!

Children Matinee Screening | Children Evening Screening

Sound, February 23, 2019

Silent film, a retronym originating after the invention of the synchronized recorded sound that did away with live musical accompaniment, is not silent. Now, both recorded and live sound are part of an artist’s palette. Unlike paintings and sculptures, sound wanders and lingers, in theaters and galleries and on the streets long after you leave the museum. This matinee features Jeremy Deller’s film based on his class for teenagers on the history of music at the intersection of race and politics.

Sound Matinee Screening | Sound Evening Screening

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