Making Your Work about Love with Vanessa German

A sculpture depicts a human figure made from found objects, with a glass bottle forming the head, doll parts forming the limbs, and adornments made from items including beads, fabric, an electrical outlet, and the framed slave ownership photograph of a woman named Delilah.
Vanessa German, Toaster, 2011, Carnegie Museum of Art

I’m fighting to create a sustainable, whole existence for myself; to be safe to use my imagination. In an environment for your body and soul to thrive, the tools, tactics, and strategies of true sustainability cannot be separated from hope, love, creativity, good will, and transformation.

Vanessa German, Toaster

This week’s Monday Motivation comes from Pittsburgh artist Vanessa German. German’s work is rooted in objects she finds in her neighborhood of Homewood, and she uses her art to explore the transformative power of art and love in communities.