Transcribing Moments with Lenka Clayton

This week, we are rotating new works into our currently running exhibition A Pittsburgh Anthology. Part of that rotation will include new typewriter drawings made specifically for and about CMOA by Pittsburgh-based artist Lenka Clayton. Read her reflections on this project and come see these prints in person:

“Making this series of Typewriter Drawings was like having a skeleton key to the whole museum. I spent time in every department and got an extraordinary overview of the complex and multi-faceted labor that lies behind the museum’s public façade. I looked for intimate and inadvertent moments that spoke to this unseen work, and the idiosyncrasies of the people and cultures around it…. My role, just like the role of the secretary since typewriters were invented, was to listen, and transcribe these moments using the typewriter, though in my case as drawings using the letter and punctuation keys instead of typed pages of text.”

A drawing of four assorted candy wrappers with the text “Candy Wrappers Secretly Hidden Behind Paintings by a Gallery Guard” 
Lenka Clayton; Candy Wrappers Secretly Hidden Behind Paintings by a Gallery Guard, 2016; Carnegie Museum of Art: Tillie and Alexander C. Speyer Fund for Contemporary Art. © Lenka Clayton