Trusting the Voice in Your Head with Duane Michals

Trust that little voice in your head that says ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if…’ And then do it.

Duane Michals

McKeesport-born photographer Duane Michals knows what he’s talking about when it comes to trying new things. The innovative ways that he combines sequences of photographs and text to examine his subjects has had enormous influence in the field of artistic photography.

Enjoy some of Michals’s 2006 works focused on spring flowers to start off your week with something bright.

A photograph featuring a paper lantern sitting on a table surrounded by irises in vases. Light from an unseen window illuminates the items on the table. Text handwritten on the border of the image reads Spring sunshine, an old lantern, the first iris from my garden, a small happiness!
Duane Michals, Spring Sunshine, 2006, Carnegie Museum of Art
A photograph features vases of flowers placed on a table surrounding a mirror. Text handwritten on the image reads I am printemps, primavera, spring, the flowers sing a capella and I harmonize with my eyes.
Duane Michals, I’m Printemps, Primavera, Spring, 2006, Carnegie Museum of Art
A man pours water into a vase while another watches holding a flower. Text handwritten on the image reads To celebrate the first day of spring, one perfect amaryllis in a glass of water. Look, Beauty.
Duane Michals, To Celebrate the First Day of Spring, 2006, Carnegie Museum of Art
A photograph features a banjo leaned against a framed artwork on a table. Fresh and dried flowers are placed around the painting. On the border of the image, text is handwritten. It reads Play me a tune on an old broken banjo, the song mother sang long ago.
Duane Michals, Play Me a Tune on an Old Broken Banjo, 2006, Carnegie Museum of Art