Adam Nathaniel Furman’s Democratic Monument

London-based designer Adam Nathaniel Furman designed Democratic Monument as a proposal for the UK’s town halls. The mix of materials, styles, and colors builds upon Britain’s Victorian and Edwardian legacy and evolves to capture the modern cultural diversity of communities across the country. By incorporating materials native to the region and the work of local artists into each town hall building, Furman proposes bringing the uniqueness of each place to life in its civic structures.

Reflect on your own experiences with a government building in your hometown. Consider the architecture or the design and construction of Democratic Monument. In your opinion, is the space relevant to your culture?

Come see this work in person as part of States of Becoming, our brand-new reinstallation of the Heinz Architectural Center!

A brightly-colored 3-d print of a town hall building
Adam Nathaniel Furman; Democratic Monument, 2017; Carnegie Museum of Art: Gift of Adam Nathaniel Furman. © Adam Nathaniel Furman.