Zanele Muholi’s Faces and Phases

A portrait of a person wearing a sweater and bowtie. They are standing, looking into the camera with their hands in their pockets.
Zanele Muholi, Lugile Cleo Dladla, KwaThema Community Hall, Springs, Johannesburg, 2011, Carnegie Museum of Art

“I am producing this photographic document to encourage individuals in my community to be brave enough to occupy public spaces, brave enough to create without fear of being vilified, brave enough to teach people about our history and to rethink what history is all about; to reclaim it for ourselves, to encourage people to use artistic tools such as cameras as weapons to fight back.”

Zanele Muholi's, Zanele Muholi's Faces and Phases

—Zanele Muholi, From “Zanele Muholi: ‘I’m a visual activist,’” FT Magazine, 2018

Happy Favorite Friday! Today, we’re honoring a request to feature LGBTQIA+ artists of color with South African artist, Zanele Muholi. Their photography and filmmaking practice functions as a visual archive of LGBTQIA+ life in South Africa. The following portrait from their striking black-and-white series Faces and Phases brings visibility to an often-overlooked community.