Lari Pittman’s Out of the Frost

An abstract artwork shows various shapes and patterns making a frost-like design
Lari Pittman, Out of the Frost, 1986, Carnegie Museum of Art

“I want to offer a painting that somehow the viewer has to stand in front of it and almost not believe it. But in the act of not believing it, what they’re actually seeing, they get swept away in it.”

Lari Pittman, Lari Pittman's Out of the Frost

We’re continuing to celebrate Pride month by featuring Lari Pittman, who is known for his use of collage techniques in paintings and prints. Pittman, who was born in Los Angeles, CA, and continues to work and teach there, emerged in the 1980s with his unique style noted for its use of ornamentation and layered use of imagery. Pittman has focused on themes of sexuality, cultural conflict, and the body.