Julie Mehretu’s Stadia II

It’s Favorite Friday, and we’re showcasing your requests! This week, we’re featuring Julie Mehretu’s Stadia II.

An Ethiopian-born American artist, Mehretu is best known for her large-scale abstract paintings. They feature multiple layers that come together in a larger whole, representing the impact of geopolitical changes on urban environments. Stadia II, created for the 2004–2005 Carnegie International, recalls the stadium as a site of collective gathering and organized chaos. Referencing stadium architecture, national flags, and other graphic elements, Mehretu showcases her interest in how space, location, and time intersect to form personal and shared identities.

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An abstract painting featuring many bright colors and layers of patterns creating a swirling image that is reminiscent of a packed stadium.
Julie Mehretu, Stadia II, 2004, Carnegie Museum of Art