Happy Birthday, Alex Katz

For Favorite Friday we are celebrating artist Alex Katz’s birthday! Katz is known for his paintings of portraits, landscapes, and flowers. Reflecting on growing older, Katz’s once said:

“Most painters, when they get older, they get worse. And the real good ones get better. This is, like, my stab at saying ‘I got better.'”

Alex Katz, Happy Birthday, Alex Katz
Three people are standing on or near a walkway leading to a bright blue lake with a cabin on the shore. One person stands in the foreground in profile, looking at another person with their back to the viewer who is looking at a person in swim trunks walking away toward the lake.
Alex Katz; Walk; 1971; Carnegie Museum of Art: The Henry L. Hillman Fund, © Alex Katz / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York