Two people wearing dark clothes crouch close together, looking into each other's eyes

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, No Need for Speech (detail), 2018, Carnegie Museum of Art

Favorite Friday

Fridays are our favorite because they’re all about YOU! In response to your requests, coming to us through social media and email, we’re giving you everything you’re asking for and more.

A person in a long dress sits in grass looking down and surrounded by flowers, another person with angel wings flies above them

John Dixon Batten’s The Garden of Adonis–Amoretta and Time

Thanks to our follower Hannah J. for requesting John Dixon Batten’s The Garden of Adonis–Amoretta and Time.

A fish stands upright in the foreground of an image, a large ball sits in the background with two small individuals standing next to it and the sea and a cloudy sky are the backdrop for the scene

René Magritte’s L’esprit de famille

Thanks to our Instagram follower, Andrew, for requesting L’esprit de famille by iconic Surrealist René Magritte.

An abstract charcoal drawing features dark lines and shapes radiating outwards toward the edges of the paper 

Giacomo Balla’s Automobile Dynamics

We’re so glad it’s Favorite Friday! Thanks to our Instagram follower, Love Ethic for requesting a work by Giacomo Balla, a key member of the Futurism movement in the early 20th Century. We’re featuring his charcoal drawing from our collection titled Automobile Dynamics.

A dimly-lit photograph of waves on a large lake stretching out to the horizon under a cloudy sky

Dawoud Bey’s Untitled #25 (Lake Erie and Sky)

We’re thrilled to feature this week’s Favorite Friday: Untitled #25 (Lake Erie and Sky) by Dawoud Bey. Thanks to our Instagram follower, Anna M. for this request!

Swirling blue gives way to a bright red horizon in an abstract artwork.

Cy Gavin’s Untitled (Gibbet Island)

Thanks to our Instagram follower Kate S. for requesting this week’s Friday Favorite: Untitled (Gibbet Island) by Cy Gavin.

A painting of a river surrounded by yellow brush and snowy ground with a blue sky stretching above 

Edward Willis Redfield’s By the River

Thanks to follower Emmett D. on Instagram for requesting this week’s Favorite Friday feature: By the River by American impressionist Edward Willis Redfield.

Detail of a mural painting featuring one person wearing a dress and holding a basket and looking over their shoulder surrounded by children looking at them

John White Alexander’s The Crowning of Labor

Our Multimedia Producer, Tom Fisher, selected today’s Favorite Friday–the murals of John White Alexander located on our beautiful Grand Staircase!

Three people are standing on or near a walkway leading to a bright blue lake with a cabin on the shore. One person stands in the foreground in profile, looking at another person with their back to the viewer who is looking at a person in swim trunks walking away toward the lake.

Happy Birthday, Alex Katz

For Favorite Friday we are celebrating artist Alex Katz’s birthday! Katz is known for his paintings of portraits, landscapes, and flowers. Reflecting on growing older, Katz’s once said:

A wide painting with two vertical rows of oblong horizontal black ovals on each side; uniform lines of fuzzy vertical ovals fill the center of the painting

Joan Witek’s Equivalent

Happy Friday! Today, we’re highlighting a staff favorite from our collection.

Two men stand in front of a large diplodocus skeleton perched on scaffolding, watching a man on a ladder cleaning the skeleton.

The First Diplodocus Skeleton at Carnegie Institute

This week’s Friday Favorite is a deep cut from our collection, selected by our Assistant Registrar, Gabi DiDonna.