Three-panel image showing teenagers making art, touring galleries, and portrait sketches

Apr 7 – Apr 22, 2018

  • Exhibition
  • Hall of Sculpture

The Art Connection Annual Student Exhibition

The Art Connection Annual Student Exhibition presents work from CMOA’s premiere studio art program for young people.

A print showing people on foot carrying heavy loads across a bridge.

Mar 31 – Jul 22, 2018

  • Exhibition
  • Carnegie Museum of Art, Gallery One

Hiroshige’s Tōkaidō Road

For the first time in 25 years, CMOA presents a complete set of 55 prints from the first (Hōeidō) edition of Hiroshige’s Fifty-Three Stations of the Tōkaidō. This series depicts the spectacular landscapes and fascinating characters encountered on the journey from Edo (now Tokyo) to the imperial capital of Kyoto.

Two women standing together

Mar 15 – Jul 22, 2018

  • Exhibition
  • Forum Gallery

Deana Lawson

The 80th entry in CMOA’s Forum contemporary art series presents a combination of photographs and appropriated-image installations by Brooklyn-based artist Deana Lawson.

The illuminated bodies of a man and woman lean left, two shadowy men lurk at right

Mar 3 – Jun 24, 2018

  • Exhibition
  • Heinz Galleries

Visions of Order and Chaos: The Enlightened Eye

This look at CMOA’s 1750–1850 collections combines new acquisitions and longtime gallery favorites to tell a story of a time of explosive changes.

Medic soldier with cross arm band and flag, seated on duffel bag, c. 1930-1950, Carnegie Museum of Art, Heinz Family Fund by Charles Teenie Harris

Jan 27 – May 28, 2018

  • Exhibition
  • Museum of Art Lobby

Teenie Harris Photographs: Service and Sacrifice

During World War II, Charles “Teenie” Harris documented thousands of African American soldiers who fought for a nation that didn’t always fight for them. 25 Harris images speak to their experiences—the honor of military service, and the sacrifices that the families of service members make.