a painting of a woman's head in a field of flowers

Rell Rushin, A Place for Us. (detail), 2022, courtesy of the artist

Future Vision: Women of Visions

Hall of Sculpture

Women of Visions, Inc. is a historic collective of African American women visual artists in Pittsburgh and a contemporary organization of artists supporting the community and each other through exhibitions, education, mentorship, and professional development. To celebrate 40 years of creating art, Women of Visions has showcased their art throughout Pittsburgh and the Western Pennsylvanian region, including at the University Art Gallery at University of Pittsburgh, Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Contemporary Craft, and The Brew House Association. Carnegie Museum of Art is honored to co-present the culminating art exhibition of Women of Visions’ 40th-anniversary series, Future Vision–an Afro-futuristic journey organized by the members of Women of Visions featuring new work and perspectives from the next generation of Women of Visions art-making.

Future Vision is organized by Women of Visions with curatorial assistance by Kiki Teshome, Margaret Powell Curatorial Fellow. Co-presented by Carnegie Museum of Art.

Programs and Events

This exhibition will be accompanied by the following programming:

About Women of Visions

Mentored by international sculptor Selma Burke at its founding, Women of Visions has sustained 40 years in the city of Pittsburgh as the only non-profit collective of African American women visual artists. Women of Visions mounts group and collaborative exhibitions, teaches classes to people of every generation, and networks to build relationships in the arts and lay community both in and outside the city of Pittsburgh. The members of Women of Visions represent a diverse range of lifestyles and artistic experiences; thus rich and varied expressions of personal, social, and political views are presented in each exhibition the group organizes. Over the course of 40 years, Women of Visions has continued to nurture and support professional and emerging women artists of color, and to bring to the general public the full richness and scope of our cultural heritage.

Currently, Women of Visions is the oldest women’s organization of its kind in the country. They have experienced the years of both revolution and evolution. Now, with the country’s historic placement of a woman of color in the role of Vice President of the United States, this historic organization seeks ways to push themselves and their art to the next level. As part of their growth strategy, Women of Visions has inducted 16 new members in one year, amplified their mission with ground-breaking exhibitions, and are poised to pass on their legacy of establishing “excellence in the visual arts” to the next generation of African American women. In 2021, Women of Visions was awarded the title of “American Cultural Treasure” by the Ford Foundation and Heinz Foundation. For more information visit womenofvisionspgh.org