The Art Connection Annual Student Exhibition

Hall of Sculpture

The Art Connection Annual Student Exhibition presents work from CMOA’s premiere studio art program for young people.

During this 88th year of The Art Connection (TAC), students learned what it means to have an individual identity as an artist, exploring the wide range of roles an artist can have in today’s society. They discovered that artists are not only observers and recorders, but also as activists and initiators. TAC has always been a place where students can feel comfortable creating art that represents who they are and what they believe.

Students were inspired this year by three powerful exhibitions: Alison Knowles, Hélio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium, and Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion. Through the work of Alison Knowles, a renowned sculptor and performance artist, students discovered how something as simple as beans, a life-sustaining food staple, could inspire sound art and alert us to the nuanced beauty of everyday experiences. Similarly, Hélio Oiticica’s geometric, abstract forms in vibrant colors and his immersive art installations incorporating elements as diverse as sand, water, parrots, and orange juice reminded students of art’s capacity to engage all of our senses. Nontraditional materials and a relentless determination to realize one’s vision were among the takeaways from the innovative work of Iris van Herpen.

Congratulations to all students, teachers, and assistants on another successful year of The Art Connection.