A vibrant green pickle on a plain white plate

Duane Michals, A Gursky Gherkin is Just a Very Large Pickle (detail), 2001, Carnegie Museum of Art, The Henry L. Hillman Fund. © Duane Michals

A Pittsburgh Anthology

Scaife Galleries

A Pittsburgh Anthology celebrates stories of creative life in Pittsburgh as prompted by Carnegie Museum of Art’s collection across time and media. Since its inception in 1895, the museum has collected works made in, about, and for Pittsburgh. Each object in this exhibition sheds light on the many ways that artists, whether local or passing through, engage with the people, landscape, and built environment of the city. While some objects reveal the creative impulse to map or document Pittsburgh, others speak to its unique cultural character.

With this project, Carnegie Museum of Art has dedicated Scaife Gallery 17 to exploring these stories, relayed by a multitude of voices from inside and outside the museum. Each story unfolds on printed cards displayed near the artworks, which are free for the taking. For those wishing to create their own anthology, customizable binders are available for purchase in the museum store.

A Pittsburgh Anthology is organized by Eric Crosby, Henry J. Heinz II Director, Carnegie Museum of Art and Vice President, Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh; Rachel Delphia, The Alan G. and Jane A. Lehman Curator of Decorative Arts & Design; and Hannah Turpin, Curatorial Assistant, Contemporary Art and Photography, Carnegie Museum of Art.