A nativity scene sits in the Hall of Architecture beside large decorated holiday trees.

Neapolitan presepio, ca. 1700–1830, Carnegie Museum of Art. Photo: Tom Little

Neapolitan Presepio

Hall of Architecture

Kick off the season with a visit to our popular Nativity display nestled in our stunning Hall of Architecture.

The presepio, a centuries-old tradition in Naples and southern Italy, is an elaborate Nativity scene recreated with miniature figures arranged in a detailed panorama of 18th-century Italian village life. Handmade by artists between 1700 and 1830, Carnegie Museum of Art’s vibrant Neapolitan presepio, one of the finest examples of its kind, features more than 100 superbly modeled human, animal, and angelic figures, accessories, and architectural elements. A visit to the presepio has been a cherished holiday tradition for many visitors since 1957.