Four wooden vases stand in a cluster; they are each a different shade and shape

Hanna Dausch, Four vases, 2020

Locally Sourced

Charity Randall Gallery

They are the faces of the next revolution in making.

Pittsburgh has a long tradition of artisans and industry. Today it is home to a growing cohort of independent designers and makers working in traditional media such as clay, glass, metal, fiber, wood, and paper, and with emergent materials and technologies. Locally Sourced highlights new work by some of the region’s most talented artists and makers of functional goods and furnishings.

These are the producers who are creating opportunities—developing their craft into a business. These are the innovators who are reinventing traditional handwork processes and manufacturing technologies to transform raw and reclaimed materials into products that have utility, durability, and good design. These are the locally sourced.

Locally Sourced is organized by Alyssa Velazquez, curatorial assistant for Decorative Arts & Design.

Featured Makers:

  • Bones and All
  • Building Bytes
  • Ashley Cecil
  • Coded Clay
  • Hanna Dausch
  • Brian Ferrell
  • Savannah Hayes
  • Idia’Dega
  • Knotzland
  • Temper and Grit
  • T.O.M.T
  • Transit Forge
  • Twelve/Twenty
  • Jenna Vanden Brink
  • Reiko Yamamoto


Locally Sourced is generously supported by the Charity Randall Foundation.

Additional gratitude to the Craft Business Accelerator at Bridgeway Capital that supports craft businesses, maker enterprises, design-build shops, and entrepreneurial artists in western Pennsylvania.