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What's going on?

Carnegie International, 57th Edition, 2018

Carnegie International, 57th Edition, 2018 is already happening! Follow the programs, publications, research, and other goings-on that will culminate in an exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art at the 57th Carnegie International exhibition website(external link).

Established in 1896, the Carnegie International exhibitions have built a rich history of introducing audiences to contemporary art from around the world. The 2018 Carnegie International will feature:

  • Yuji Agematsu
  • El Anatsui
  • Art Labor with Joan Jonas
  • Huma Bhabha
  • Mel Bochner
  • Mimi Cherono Ng’ok
  • Lenka Clayton and Jon Rubin
  • Sarah Crowner
  • Alex Da Corte
  • Tacita Dean
  • Jeremy Deller
  • Kevin Jerome Everson
  • Han Kang and IM Heung–soon
  • Leslie Hewitt
  • Saba Innab
  • Karen Kilimnik
  • Zoe Leonard
  • Kerry James Marshall
  • Park McArthur
  • Josiah McElheny with John Corbett and Jim Dempsey
  • Ulrike Müller
  • Thaddeus Mosley
  • The Otolith Group
  • Postcommodity
  • Jessi Reaves
  • Abel Rodriguez
  • Rachel Rose
  • Beverly Semmes
  • Dayanita Singh
  • Lucy Skaer
  • Tavares Strachan
  • Lynette Yiadom–Boakye

The Carnegie International will also include Dig Where You Stand(external link), by independent exhibition maker Koyo Kouoh.

The 57th Carnegie International artists include:

  • 1 independent exhibition maker
  • 6 art collectives and collaborations
  • 13 individual artists who use the pronoun “he”
  • 17 individual artists who use the pronoun “she”
  • 20 artists who live in the US
  • 3 artists who live in Asia
  • 5 artists who live in Europe
  • 2 artists who live in Africa
  • 1 artist who lives in South America
  • 1 artist who lives in the Middle East

National affiliations by residence and birth: Austria, Bahamas, Cameroon, Cherokee Nation, Colombia, England, Germany, Ghana, India, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Navajo Nation, Nigeria, Nonuya Nation, Pakistan, Palestine, Scotland, Senegal, Switzerland, United States of America, and Vietnam.

Tam O’Shanter Drawing Sessions

These creative sessions are for those who draw and for those who don’t. Explore contemporary art through improvised forms of drawing with artists and organizers of the 2018 Carnegie International. Sketching, doodling, cartooning, mapping, writing, and marking are among the many modes that will draw us together.

Named after the original art classes for young people that Carnegie Museum of Art has been holding since 1929; the tam o’shanter, or tam, is a Scottish beret—oft adorned by a pompom. Read more about the Tam O’Shanter Drawing Sessions(external link).

What Is Contemporary?

Follow the process leading up to the Carnegie International exhibition with curator Ingrid Schaffner, whose annual lecture (external link) brings the community along with her in a fast-paced journey.



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