Large room filled with full-scale plaster casts of Greek and Egyptian monuments

The Virtual Reality Museum

CMOA Theater

Free Event

Join artists and thinkers for a look at the exciting potential that virtual reality (VR) and new photographic technologies hold for museums. CMOA welcomes DIS and Scatter, the collaborating artists behind Styles and Customs of the 2020s, as well as Chad Keller, professor of historic preservation, who will be creating 3-D models of the Hall of Architecture through laser scanning. Styles & Customs of the 2020s presents a VR “time capsule from the future” that straddles utopian and dystopian visions for humanity.

The work is sited in CMOA’s Hall of Architecture, a massive space filled with colossal plaster casts of building facades and fragments. It is a sort of virtual reality experience itself, playing on theatrical reproduction of reality in three dimensions. Learn how these artists and creative thinkers are leveraging digital technologies in their own interdisciplinary practices, and be among the first to experience Styles and Customs of the 2020s.

Stay afterward for Third Thursday to experience Styles and Customs of the 2020s!

The Virtual Reality Museum is a presentation of the Hillman Photography Initiative's LIGHTIME and the Heinz Architectural Center.