Third Thursday: Toga, UPMC Health Plan Discount

Two words: TOGA PARTY.

Beware the Ides of March! Dust off your curtains, wash those sheets, and get wrapped up for an adults-only (18+) party for the ages! Your Third Thursday ticket gets you free access to all of this goodness:

  • Et tu, Thursday? Get a tour of Visions of Order and Chaos, our exhibition exploring the Age of Enlightenment (it’s full of togas and treachery!)
  • First views of photography show Deana Lawson which literally JUST opened an hour before the party
  • Floral and laurel crown making with WorkshopPGH to match your toga
  • UPMC Health Plan lounge with giveaways (glow sticks, because YES) and some surprise healthy treats
  • Disco dance party with DJ Jarrett Tebbets
  • Plinth posing selfie station -- work your inner statue
  • Performances by WVU's West African Drum Ensemble (as part of the National Council of Ceramic Arts (NCECA) annual convention)
  • Demonstrations of ceramic making from NCECA
  • CMOA galleries will be open all night long. Late night snacks and drinks will be available to purchase from The Café Carnegie.

    Third Thursdays

    On the third Thursday of every month, we keep the art galleries open late, turn up the volume, and welcome partners throughout the city to create exciting, one-of-a-kind programs. Explore our exhibitions, enjoy music, indulge in a late-night café menu, and more. Curate your own experience!

    Event Sponsors

    Citizens Bank, UPMC Health Plan, Walnut Capital, Great Lakes Brewing, Green Mountain Energy, and Choolaah India BBQ, and