Third Thursday: Intimate Subjects

Carnegie Museum of Art

Third Thursday is getting intimate!

City of Play & slowdanger present an evening of interactions and immersive adventures, both real and virtual, that explore the meaning of intimacy. Galleries will be open all night as you play and discover.

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Become the pilot of a surrogate body and attempt to achieve a social mission as you literally take a walk in another person’s shoes.

body, my body
An exploration of the temporary and ever shifting nature of living within a body that is in a constant state of change and eventual decay. Through virtual reality technology attendees will get a visualization of the inner world of two beings connecting to each other virtually.

Throughout the evening at varying times an attendee will be guided from the mass into a more secluded performance experience designed for one attendee. This attendee will be prompted with questions and choice making circumstances that will affect the contents and concepts the performing artist uses in the ensuing performance.

long spoons table
Find a way to feed with strangers according to an old parable about the afterlife.

small precious objects
A game of secret gifts.

WITH: Anna Henson, MoxieDaDA, the moon baby, this one, Maree Remalia, Shiloh Hodges, Annalee Traylor, David Bernabo, ARIADNE, Naeem, and more!

About City of Play

City of Play is a pervasive game design company with a mission: More Curious Less Afraid. The company’s director, Gregory Dinkar Manley, is also, the commissioner of the Circle Rules Federation, and the owner of Heathside Cottage, a community-focused arts venue in Pittsburgh’s Northside.

About slowdanger

Taylor Knight and Anna Thompson are founding directors of slowdanger , a PGH based multidisciplinary performance duo that fuses sound and movement into an elusive, but illustrative combination of improvised contemporary and post-modern dance frameworks, found material, electronic instrumentation, vocalization, physiological centering and ontological examination. slowdanger is an organism that uses performance and collaboration as ritual practice to delve into patterns of the circular rhythm of life.

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