Performance group explores the gallery with their unique movements

Multidisciplinary artists slowdanger perform in the Scaife Galleries. Photo: Bryan Conley

Third Thursday: Intimate Subjects

Carnegie Museum of Art

Adults: $10 (Students: $5, Members: free)

Pittsburgh-based artists City of Play and slowdanger invite you to enter a landscape of multidisciplinary performances, interactive technology, and immersive adventures that question the meaning of intimacy. This event includes several new works, designed during the artists’ experiences in the inaugural year of Performers at Play.

Featured Works

Empathy Machine — An installation of responsive light, movement, and interaction within the Hall of Sculpture. This performance challenges observers to sense their own presence in the space. The installation was created by slowdanger in collabortion with ProjectileObjects and Char Stiles.

Subtle Viewing — Experience the galleries in a completely new way through these in-gallery dance and performance art installations by slowdanger. These subtle encounters allow patrons to create new emotional connections to the artworks on view.

Resonant Body — This installed performance for a limited audience invites visitors to witness and experience a new dance technology that translates a dancer’s motion into vibration and sound waves through sensor technology, electrical current, and magnetic drivers. This work is a collabortion between Robert Zacharias and slowdanger.

Small Precious Objects — Join a game of giving secret gifts to people you will never meet.

The Lost Crate of H.P. Witherspoon — Solve an infamous puzzle box with a small group.

Social Ceremonies — Participate in original, subversive high ceremonies for large groups designed by City of Play.

Emotional Landscapes — Enjoy a one-on-one session with illustrator Cynthia Lee as she transforms your feelings and emotions into comic strips.

Buy tickets early to save:

  • Adults: $10 ($15 at door)
  • Students: $5 ($10 at door)
  • Members: free

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Third Thursday is Later, Louder, and Adults Only

Third Thursday brings together the hottest local talent to create surprising, one-of-a-kind experiences. Turn up the volume with a cash bar, live music, and performances along with late-night access to the museum galleries.

People sit at a table feeding each other with long spoons
City of Play’s Long Spoons game at Third Thursday. Photo: Bryan Conley.

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