Performance group explores the gallery with their unique movements

Photo: Bryan Conley

Third Thursday: Intimate Subjects

Later and Louder, Adults only

Third Thursday brings together the hottest local talent from around the city to create surprising one-of-a-kind experiences. Turn up the volume with a cash bar, live music, and performances, along with late-night access to the museum galleries.

At Intimate Subjects, CMOA invites City of Play and slowdanger to present an evening of interactions and immersive adventures that explore the meaning of intimacy. Explore museum galleries all night long. Discover performances, games, and immersive adventures, both real and virtual.

Featured Experiences

  • Wake by slowdanger and Anna Henson—A guided sensory walk, looping in and out of physical and virtual worlds.
  • Empathy Machine by slowdanger—A collection of physical performances that take place throughout Crossroads, CMOA’s new installation of modern and contemporary art. These performances reframe commonalities surrounding intimacy and embodiment, challenging observers to sense their own presence in the space.
  • Embrace is a performance by Celeste Neuhaus that visualizes the psychological interplay between attachment and integration.
  • Inflatable Space by Conrad Quesen, featuring movement by slowdanger—An installation in the Hall of Architecture. A world is built, inhabited, and destroyed.
  • Long Spoons Table—Share a meal with strangers in the manner of an old parable about the afterlife.
  • Small Precious Objects—A game of giving secret gifts to people you will never meet.
  • Two Nordic LARPs (untitled)—In these multi-player, immersive games, relationships and circumstances are carefully crafted to create exciting plotlines and unique situations between players.


  • Anya Clarke
  • Cynthia Lee
  • Ru Emmons
  • Giling
  • Roberta Guido
  • Anna Henson
  • Lex Jackson
  • Maestro Flux
  • Pangelica
  • Celeste Neuhaus
  • Conrad Quesen
  • Amy Reid
  • Connor Sites-Bowen
  • thisOne
  • Mitsuko Verdery
  • Robert Zacharias
  • & more

Event Sponsors

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