Third Thursday: Flow State

Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one. The ego falls away. Your whole self is here. Pittsburgh’s music & nightlife collective girlFx, and a cast of performers, athletes, and artists respond to the static form of statues, sculptures and photography with music and movement. Find your place on the floor and let go.

Our body guides are performers and leaders. They’ll create site-specific pieces throughout the Hall of Architecture & Forum gallery that invite you to follow their lead. Look for a new sequence every 30 minutes.

featuring girlFx DJs: bijoux, Boo Lean, and Scout with

Pole work by Gia Fagnelli
3rd generation yinzer by way of Orlando, FL and Oakland, CA, Gia is a movement and performance artist responding to the symbology of the tombs featured in the Hall of Architecture. They are a featured performer with XOXA events in Brooklyn, and a resident performer with the Steel City Kitty Variety Show with roots in drag and stripping.

Combat / Self-Defense Choreography by Alecia M
Certified Krav Maga & Kettlebell instructor who uses the realm of movement to find unleashed potential, correct and maintain the body, and break through the mental barriers we face, hesitate, or doubt within.

Site-Specific Performance / Hair Braiding by Tara Fay Coleman
Using conceptual performance art to challenge cultural norms, she create conversations built around the idea of the performative nature of existing as a black woman. Tara will be responding to Deana Lawson’s photography in the Forum Gallery.

Shibari Acrobatics by Samantha & David
Supporting one another in multiple senses, samantha and david explore movement and connection through freedom and restriction. Combining elements of balance and bondage, samantha and david share their own version of shibari acro. They will be responding to the cast of Porch of the Caryatids.

Improvisational Dance by Roberta aka RGM/lightentry
Ranging from emotional/authentic outpouring to character-driven exploration in the pursuit of relatability & meaning. Recently, they released a dance film with director Patrick Gregg examining their body and boundaries in a hyper-gendered/sexualized world. Roberta will be responding to the portal of the cathedral, Saint Andre.

Naxian Sphinx by anna slowdanger (Anna Thompson)
Movement artist, vocalist, director, choreographer, DJ, producer, one half of the performance duo slowdanger. From directing music videos to scoring plays, slowdanger transforms their shape to adapt to a variety of different containers. Anna will be embodying the role of the ancient mythological guardian, the sphinx, lounging on the periphery and speaking in riddles.

Guide by Princess Jafar
Media mogul & super villain last traced to an underground recording studio & evil lair in Pittsburgh, PA. With a moderately successful release of a few mind-numbing pop singles, Princess Jafar has been able to gather a sizeable number of lackeys and fanatics ready to defend their Princess by any means necessary. Princess jafar will be performing a hercules medley at the Cast of Porch of the Caryatid, and will also be reciting the opening monologue.

Hall of Architecture
8-8:30 - opening monologue, warm-up with all artists
8:30-9pm - shibari acrobatics, improvisational performance
9-9:30pm - pole work, shibari acrobatics
9:30-10pm - combat choreography/self-defense, improvisational performance
10-10:30pm - pole work, combat choreography/self-defense
10:30-11pm - closing monologue, close-out with all artists

Forum Gallery
8:30-10:30pm - site-specific performance / hair braiding

Art Making//Art Tours
8:30pm - plaster flow
9:00pm - guided tours on the theme of movement
9:30pm - plaster flow

ABOUT girlFx
girlFx ("girlfriend") is a collective of women and non-binary individuals who stand for ownership and representation in the nightlife community. We host a resident party at Hot Mass every 5th Saturday, Ace Hotel’s monthly “In The Weeds”, and “Tea Time” a sober after hours during the cold months at Dobra Tea. We welcome people of all identities.

Artwork: Julie Mallis

Third Thursdays

On the third Thursday of every month, we keep the art galleries open late, turn up the volume, and welcome partners throughout the city to create exciting, one-of-a-kind programs. Explore our exhibitions, enjoy music, indulge in a late-night café menu, and more. Curate your own experience!

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