Watercolor painting: people lounging in hammocks being served coffee

Tam O’Shanter Drawing Session: Vietnamese Coffee Session with Art Labor

The Frick Pittsburgh
7227 Reynolds St, Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Free Event

Drink and draw! Coffee is a medium and material for Vietnamese artist collective Art Labor. In Vietnam, coffee is also an important cash crop. Sketch flora in the Frick Greenhouse. Tint your drawings with coffee as watercolor. And, learn about Art Labor’s long-term project with the Jarai people of Vietnam.

Art Labor is a Ho Chi Minh City-based artist collective participating in the Carnegie Int’l, 57th ed., 2018.

This event takes place in the Community Room at The Frick Pittsburgh. Please RSVP for this free event.

Tam O’Shanter Drawing Sessions

Tam o’shanter hat drawing

These creative sessions are for those who draw and for those who don’t. Explore contemporary art through improvised forms of drawing with artists and organizers of the Carnegie International. Sketching, doodling, cartooning, mapping, writing, and marking are among the many modes that will bring us together.

Named after the original art classes for young people that Carnegie Museum of Art has been holding since 1929; the tam o’shanter, or tam, is a Scottish beret—oft adorned by a pompom.

The Frick Pittsburgh