A photograph inside a gallery with sculptures and glass boxes.

Leslie Hewitt, Anatomy of a Flower (detail), 2019

Tam O’Shanter Drawing Session: Time/Frame Session with Leslie Hewitt

Museum of Art Lobby

$10 (Members: $8; Students: $8)

Make gesture drawings in response to an evocative text read aloud by Leslie Hewitt, a 2018 Carnegie International artist.

Hewitt is a New York–based artist whose Anatomy of a Flower appears in the Dispatch, the Carnegie International’s catalogue. Her commissioned work uses photographs taken around, about, and within the exhibition to produce a unique "film."

Meet for this drawing session in the museum’s front lobby.


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About Tam O’Shanter Drawing Sessions

These creative sessions are for those who draw and those who don’t. Explore contemporary art through improvised forms of drawing with artists and organizers of the Carnegie International. Sketching, doodling, cartooning, mapping, writing, and marking are among the many modes that will bring us together.

The sessions are named after the art classes for young people that Carnegie Museum of Art has been holding since 1929. The tam o’shanter, or tam, is a Scottish beret—oft adorned by a pom-pom.