A hand holds a magnifying glass up to a book containing a botanical illustration

Tam O’Shanter Drawing Session: Detection

Museum of Art Lobby

$10, Members $8, Students $5

Explore undisclosed sites in the art and natural history museums to draw connections between disparate subjects and ideas, and identify the signs and clues that make a narrative. Magalí Arriola, an independent curator based in Mexico City, will elaborate on the origins of detective stories using Witold Gombrowicz's 1965 novel Cosmos. She will take us back to 19th-century lucubrations—late-night studies—relating the detective and the hunter, the growing city and untamed nature, the visible and the concealed.

Students must present a valid ID.

Tam O’Shanter Drawing Sessions

Tam o'shanter hat drawingThese creative sessions are for those who draw and for those who don't. Explore contemporary art through improvised forms of drawing with artists and organizers of the 2018 Carnegie International. Sketching, doodling, cartooning, mapping, writing, and marking are among the many modes that will bring us together.

Named after the original art classes for young people that Carnegie Museum of Art has been holding since 1929; the tam o'shanter, or tam, is a Scottish beret—oft adorned by a pompom.