Aerial view of neighborhood streets from above, with rows of homes running off into the distance. Overlaid on this view are constellations of stars with the following names: Dina “Free” Blackwell, Nisha Blackwell, Ayana Clark, Yona Harvey, Robert Hodge, Joy KMT, Ayanah Moor, Bekezela Mguni, Staycee Pearl, Ricardo Robinson, Felicia Savage, Anqwenique Wingfield, and Alisha Wormsley.

Robert Hodge, The Beauty Box

The Fruit Stand
617 N Homewood Avenue, Pittsburgh PA, 15208

Free Event

Experience a snapshot from Homewood’s past as you chat with artists and vendors in this installation, which recreates an average Homewood lot from decades ago.

Open Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays during The People Are The Light.

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Beauty Box concert series, enjoy surprise live performances throughout the day.

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Robert Hodge is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice explores themes of memory and commemoration. Hodge currently lives and works in Houston. Hodge’s current projects include an album he executive produced called Two and 1/2 years: A Musical Celebration to the Spirit of Junetenth and his traveling installation called The Beauty Box.

Profile picture of Robert Hodge

This program is a project of The People Are The Light, a series of public art installations and workshops in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood, curated by Alisha Wormsley. Twelve artist-collaborators lead events and performances throughout the neighborhood. Each project explores the connections between past, present and future.

The People Are The Light is part of LIGHTIME, a year of programming from CMOA’s Hillman Photography Initiative. Photography, at its basis, measures light and time. Wormsley, whose work revolves around memory and time, activates these fundamentals of photography, creating space for artists, collaborators, and participants to share their stories.