Artist Andrea Polli and images of her environmental sustainability projects

Making the Invisible Visible, An EnvironMENTAL Challenge

Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council (GPAC)
810 Penn Avenue, 7th floor, Downtown Pittsburgh, pa

Free, registration recommended as space is limited

Part of Light + Environmental Sustainability with artist Andrea Polli

How can data visualization and public art become a motivating force in environmental conversations?

Energy consumption is virtually invisible to the naked eye. We know we use energy because our phones are charged, the lights are on, and the bill arrives in the mail. But how can we become more aware of our usage and the greater impact it has on our communities?

Artist Andrea Polli will share insights and her process in creating Energy Flow, a large-scale light artwork and wind power nano-grid installed on the Rachel Carson Bridge for Light-Up Night 2016. Polli and her team will guide participants through investigations of sensing and visualization strategies to imagine inventive, aesthetic, and informative lighting design concepts for downtown structures.

Walking short distances from the GPAC building to other downtown locations will take place during this workshop.

This workshop is part of the Hillman Photography Initiative at Carnegie Museum of Art.