Young person smiling and holding a camera and pointing toward the viewer with green landscape in background

Photography: Picturing My World


$45 (Member: $35)

Artists and photographers use various styles and techniques to work out their own ideas about what they see and think about the world around them. This program gives you creative strategies to express yourself in the pictures you take with your smart phone or camera. In this series of exploratory exercises and a final project, you'll work up to combining your favorite photographs in a triptych, or 3-part display. Have fun as you try out new ways of observing and visualizing your world.

  • Learn playful ways to alter your pictures by adding text and drawings to your black and white photographs
  • Try out techniques for using lighting and composition for creative approaches to objects you arrange into a still life
  • Make landscapes and alter them by taking unexpected points of view
  • See examples of imaginative photographs in our collection to inspire your creative experimentation

Materials Needed:

  • Your favorite camera device (smart phone, iPad, or camera)
  • Regular paper
  • A black and white printer
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • A glue stick
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    Classes are available starting July 27. Work through the video lessons and create your final artwork in time for a live Zoom session with the teacher and your classmates on Wednesday, Aug 19, from 2-3 p.m.

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