A group of people enjoy the long spoons table, a game where participants try to feed each other across the table using long spoons.

People enjoy the Long Spoons Table game from City of Play at Third Thursday, 2017. Photo: Bryan Conley

Performers at Play: Ceremonies

Free with admission

Humans are amazing communicators. We use our senses to understand each other and convey our thoughts. The senses can be used by communities to create holidays, rituals, and celebrations that bring us closer together.

Join City of Play and Connor Sites-Bowen for two social ceremonies! Use the museum as a playground, engage your senses, explore the collection, and cultivate mindfulness through these events.

Families are welcome, although players may be asked to split up for the purposes of the ceremony.

About Performers at Play: Senses

We invited performers to use our galleries as a place to play throughout the summer. Multidisciplinary artists slowdanger (external link) and experimental carnival City of Play (external link) work with visitors to push the boundaries of feeling and extend the senses.